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How GHOFitness Works

So how does GHOFitness work?

The online GHOFitness Plan provides you with all you need to get fit and healthy whilst looking great. Every exercise and meal plan we provide is tailored to your needs, abilities and lifestyle. You will also have a dedicated GHOFitness Trainer who will provide support and motivation throughout the duration of your plan.

What's included in the Plan?

Your personal Fitness Plan provides you with the knowledge and mindsight to get fit and healthy. Our meal plans provide the perfect balance, providing great nutrition along with steady weight loss. Add to this your exercise plan which strengthens, trims and tones and then you have the ultimate plan to achieve your fitness goals.

Personalised MealsPERSONALISED
Progress TrackingPROGRESS
Personalised ExercisesPERSONALISED
Dedicated TrainersDEDICATED
Training VideosTRAINING

The Meal Planner

Daily and Weekly

Our meals are carefully selected and balanced to provide the perfect mix of carbohydrates, fats and protein to build your body the right way. Our recipes are all easy to prepare – some are quick to make, others take a little more time, but all of them are tasty, nutritious and delicious. GHOFitness is not about dieting, it's about getting fit and healthy.

Pick and change your meals to suit you.

Progress Tracking

Easily Follow the changes in your body

By tracking your progress online, you can follow the changes in your body, being motivated by the positive impact of GHOFitness. If you have lost interest in the past, this will not happen now. Your very own Personal Trainer is here to monitor your development and improvement, whilst our tracking tools will show you the way.

We are here with you every day to keep you motivated.

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Personalised Exercise Plan

Designed around your current lifestyle

You tell us where you would prefer to exercise; at the gym or at home and your exercise frequency. We will then build the information into a plan to make the perfect GHOFitness exercise routine for you. We change the plan every 4 weeks to keep you fresh and motivated.

Easy to log each workout to keep pushing yourself.

Dedicated Trainer & Online Videos

Don't worry about missing any more training sessions

Your GHOFitness Trainer is here to work with you. Forget going to the gym and paying exorbitant rates for one-to-one tuition; at GHOFitness you have it all – affordable, convenient and bespoke to suit you. Dedicated to working with you, your trainer provides you with tuition, advice and motivation whenever you need it.

See how to exercise correctly and be inspired by your own online tutor.

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On sign-up you will be asked to complete a quick lifestyle questionnaire. Using the info from your questionnaire a dedicated GHOFitness trainer will make the perfect plan just for you which you will go live the following Sunday. Every 4 weeks you will receive a new workout plan and any changes needed to your dietary requirements will be made.


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