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With the GHOFitness workout and meal plan combined together, we believe you should be aiming for long-term goals.

When you are eating healthier options you know this will help your health in the future or when you are getting fitter in the gym, you know this will benefit you being stronger when you are older.

Look further than having that bikini body, as this is the motivation that will keep you going when you start to struggle. We hope that you also join our GHOFitness family alongside David and Molly, and we can start you off on your journey of a healthy lifestyle.


DavidPersonal Trainer

"I find that working out increases my energy levels, enabling me to never miss out due to fatigue or tiredness. Now I am here to enable you to be the same. You need to be consistent with your training and stay on track with your diet."

"It's all about GHOFitness!"

The GHOFitness Plan has been designed so it isn't a short-term goal or quick fix option. Instead it is a lifestyle plan with continual support for you to achieve and, most importantly, maintain your fitness goals.

However, David also understands how hard keeping to a goal can be. Particularly if you have to constantly count calories, read food labels or come up with new workouts to stay motivated. Luckily the GHOFitness Guide is designed by David to do all of that for you. This way you are able to fully focus on achieving your goal and attaining real results.

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If you ever feel like you have slipped up when trying to reach your goal, whether it be a night boozing or a late night take away, the most important thing to do, is start back exactly where you left off. At the end of the day, nobody is perfect. It's better to be good 80% of the time and keep going forward, rather than be good 100% of the time, and only keep it up for a couple of weeks.

You will have to make some sacrifices along the way, and over time these changes will become easier and easier to make. It all comes down to you. The more disciplined you are with yourself, the faster you will see real results.

MollyNutritional Chef

"My health and fitness regime began when I was diagnosed with gluten intolerance and rheumatoid arthritis. I soon realised that the food I was eating was impacting negatively upon my health. With this in mind, I changed everything; diet, fitness regime and outlook. Which in turn helped me heal my health issues as well as feeling and looking my best."

"I love the GHOFitness principles"

Molly Buszard, also known as 'MollyBHealthy' is our Nutritional Advisor who develops tasty healthy recipes and meal plans for you. From her personal experiences as well as studying a nutritional advice course, Molly knows that what we eat is an essential part of achieving a healthy body.

Both inside and out. The meal plans and recipes that she creates will be catered to your needs, lifestyle, food intolerances and any preferences you may have. Your GHOFitness Plan will also contain a vast selection of interchange meals to suit your taste buds.

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Molly knows it's not just about having a 'good body' but how you feel. Food shouldn't be seen just as a 'diet' or a way to lose weight, it is the fuel that keeps us able to push ourselves in our workouts, recover and most importantly, improve our health.

Molly's meals and recipes will not only make you feel and look good, but you will start to enjoy the process of cooking again. All the meals that are in your plans are tried and tested, as well as being in Molly's day to day life, which is why she knows that they work.

LizzieRecipe Developer and Blogger

"My initial goal was to regain my pre-pregnancy body shape by making careful food choices and increasing my exercise. This began with plenty of walks and a weekly fitness class. Once I started to notice results, I liked the feeling of being fitter and healthier and I started to challenge myself and try exercises that a year before would have been out of my comfort zone - including weight training"

"GHOFitness really works"

Lizzie found that working out at home was the best option for her. She could fit in a workout around her family and work commitments and there was no travel time to factor in!

"I continued to exercise throughout my second pregnancy and found that I was able to get back in shape again quite quickly afterwards. It was at this time that I started my healthy eating Instagram page. I wanted to keep myself accountable by posting about my healthy meals and hopefully inspire others with some of my ideas. Then I discovered GHO Fitness!"

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Lizzie initially trialled the GHO Fitness programme for three months and was really pleased with her results. The programme was easy to fit in around her lifestyle and the exercises and meals plans were tailored specifically to her needs.

She now enjoys working with the GHO team to create healthy meal recipes and has continued to blog about the programme.

"Now following the birth of my third baby I am ready to challenge myself again step up my exercise regime. The GHO Fitness healthy meal plan is perfect for my needs and I have lots recipes to contribute this year too!"

"I love the GHOFitness principles as they are in line with the way I feel about health and fitness. We all work together to make you feel and look your best, from the inside out. Working with GHOFitness, we can show you how to be excited about what you can achieve."